DSS Executive Protection Case Study

A large multinational insurance company with business in a variety of potential dangerous locations had a senior executive kidnapped while on a business trip to Costa Rica.

DSS Corporate Espionage Case Study

A top Forbes chairman of a group of companies was the victim of a highly targeted spear phishing attack designed to compromise his system and gain access to his email.

DSS Sample Delta Assignment Case Studies

Lead architect and change coordinator to avoid any business downtime during data Center move to new corporate headquarters which merge headquarters of 25 years

DSS Intel Case Studies

A multinational manufacturing company became suspicious that one of its former sales staff had been stealing the company’s intellectual property, after noticing a drop in sales following his departure.

Delta Strategic

An International Insurance company, require risk assessments for over 100 of their offices throughout the US and areas around the world in which they have offices, including Ireland, Mexico and Europe.

DSS Phone Threats

A major national mortgage company experienced an increased number of phone threats due to the recession and the emotional impact of foreclosures. The impact on the company work force